Weekend Editing Blitz

A man wanders through a hazy, dystoptian city.

The bad news: I had to put my 30-day-notice in today at my place of residence. But as they say, sometimes such things are actually blessings in disguise, and I'm certain this is one of those situations.

The good news: This month was my first full month conducting sales operations for the search engine marketing firm I work for, and I absolutely killed it.

The better news: Things are full steam ahead regarding Dawn of Legaia cover art design and final light revisions. Even though I've been wanting to publish this debut sci fi novel of mine for years now, it's kind of crazy to think it's actually only 5 or 6 weeks away. Can't wait to hear people's thoughts on it once they've had a chance to read it!

I've got a couple other minor things to tend do this weekend, but the vast majority of it will once again be spent on k-cups and a final coat of wax. Hopefully I'll be a full-time writer by the time we reach this same phase for Dawn of Legaia's sequel.


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