Show Review: Westworld

Westworld bandit aims his shotgun at a wounded enemy.


Just finished watching the series premiere of HBO's Westworld, and all I can say is that I'm on board.

The production quality, the casting quality, the network quality, it's all apparent to me. And when you combine those aforementioned elements with a solid concept, magic can happen.

I actually like that the story starts ever so slightly on the slow side. Especially if this series is going to live up to its hype, what's the rush?

I have no gripes. The only gripe that comes to mind is no gripe at all. When elements of science fiction are explained, even briefly, in layman's terms, I tend to get annoyed. But the show isn't for the "1%" of sci fi fluency (forgive me for tooting my own horn). It's for the masses. And these elements need to be elaborated on to maximize audience enjoyment.

It's a good show. I think it's going to be a great show. I doubt don't it one bit. Will it be a dozen-plus Emmy winning Game of Thrones caliber or greater type show? That's the only question looming in my mind. Looking forward to Moar!


Image: HBO

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