The State of Sci Fi: 10/3/16

Half Life movie concept art poster.

The coolest highlight from the last several days? We have a kick-ass new sci fi show to watch!

HBO's Westworld premiered last night and it did not dissapoint. I think it still has a longgg way to go before it's GoT-level legit, but the possibilities are exciting.

I ordered a bunch of Kaladesh singles on eBay a few days ago, and I can't wait to sleeve 'em up and let 'em rip. Hope to make time for some Friday Night Magic this week so I can give my home-brewed Abzan Ayli deck a whirl.

SpaceX thinks there might be some foul play involved regarding its most recent Falcon 9 explosion. That's some interesting news I'll certainly be staying tuned to.

Rogue One is still the upcoming science fiction film I'm looking the most forward to seeing. I'm sure I'll watch Doctor Strange, just not sure I'll make an effort to catch it in theatres.

A Portal movie? Never played it, but there's talk of a Half Life film too and that would be pretty awesome? J.J. Abrams is a busy man these days.

Harbinger movie: Do you think Valiant, Dark Horse, Image, or IDW can ever have films on par with Marvel and DC? If the first two movies that come to mind are Spawn and Hellboy, they've got a long way to go.

October is going to be chaos. It's the month before I publish my debut sci fi baby, "Dawn of Legaia", and to add salt to the wound, I'll be moving to a new apartment or townhome. Change is good, though, and Q4 of 16 is shaping up to be equal parts busy and awesome.


Image: Valve

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