Westworld: S.1 Ep 2

Westworld's Maeve Millay protecting her daughter from harm.

Was able to catch the second episode of Westworld last night and felt like sharing my thoughts on it.

I enjoying getting a closer peek at the process a guest undergoes during their onboarding. I wish supermodel-esque hosts greeted me everywhere I went before offering themselves to me, but that's why this is science Fiction we're discussing here. lol...

Generally speaking, the show was full of exciting tid-bits that helped us further immerse ourselves in the storyline. It seems that as the show progresses, more of these androids are beginning to exhibit strange behaviors, and I'm excited about the next episode. After all, that is perhaps one of the most tell-tale signs of a good show, right? One that you want to see more of!

And now, for the caveats. The whole flashback sequencing, the way the same scene is showed sometimes Three of Four times after new information or backstory is introduced, quite frankly, I don't know how I feel about that. As an enthusiast-grade science fiction connoisseur, I'm undoubtedly a fan of complexity in sci fi, but, again...wtf? That scene where the can of shit falls off of Dolores Abernathy's horse, I think we've seen that scene NINE times in two episodes. It may all be a bit much.

In conclusion, is it perfect? Nope. Nothin' is. But the premise is more than interesting enough for me to stick around for a while.


Image: HBO

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