Less Than 3 Weeks Left Till Dawn of Legaia!

Art depicting a space colony orbiting Earth.

These past couple weeks have been bananas. Between dealing with a family emergency, painting my soon-to-be apartment, and editing like crazy, while trying my best to keep kicking ass at my day job, it's been a hectic 14 days, no doubt.

Some good news! This last week of editing has been going really well. I've been able to edit everyday, which really helps with momentum, motivation, and all sorts of other things. I can't think of any reason why editing sporadically would be better than editing on a regular, consistent basis.

As successful authors tend to say, there's no such thing as a perfect manuscript, or one that you're ever "done and done" with. Just one that you're ready to let go of, and I'm so glad my 5+ year sci fi baby is approaching this light at the end of the tunnel, soon to be shared with the world.

The next couple of weeks are probably going to look a lot like the past couple of weeks. 1 week left till I move, and roughly 2.5 weeks left till I publish Dawn of Legaia. It's going to be such a relief to finally put this work into print.


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