Dawn of Legaia - T Minus 50-Day Update

Dawn of Legaia's Launch Date floats in Earth's orbit.

50 days is not a long time. Take it from somebody that's been working on the debut installment of a sci fi novel series since July of 2011.

Which, by the way, I am both proud and relieved to announce, that this past weekend, I completed the final draft of. I made a big, dessert-fueled push on Saturday night, wrapped things up and spell checked 83,000+ words on Sunday morning, and we're done. Kinda hard to believe that it's done, but I'm quick to remind myself a rest period must be brief, because there's still so much to do concerning Dawn of Legaia, including a wicked-awesome sequel! Booya!

That said, here's the rest of the scoop. The cover art proofs should be coming in anyday now, and will most likely be finalized within the next three weeks. Dawn of Legaia Will Be Published, 1/11/17, because the Comic Excitement Convention, which I will be a featured guest at, is going down 1/14 and 1/15, so that's a hard pub date.

Speaking of CX, (which has a main draw involving a $10k cosplay contest, and that's not a total prize pool, that's the award for 1st!) their cosplay contest rules have been posted, their social media platforms are being updated almost daily with more guests, news, and information, and I'm hoping this con will grow into a pop culture staple. Los Angeles is hungry for awesome events like this one, so I think it'll fit right in.

So aside from the holidays, I'm pretty much going to spend between now and mid-Jan gearing up for publication and this exciting new comic convention. I'll be sure to keep friends, family, and the interwebz posted as awesome things continue to develop. And most of all, I really hope the years of time and energy I've poured into this project pay off in the form of happy readers.



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