The State of Sci Fi: 12/5/16

Westworld's "The Man In Black" stares into the camera with experienced eyes.

I've enjoyed following the tales of Westworld's Hosts and "Gods", even though at times it felt like the showrunners were doing nothing more than settling a bet based on how many timelines and flashbacks they could incorporate into a show without getting desecrated.

All in all, Westworld is a pretty amazing science fiction television series that I, for one, am certainly looking forward to seeing more of in Season 2.

Passengers? Maybe. Rogue One? Most Definitely! I think I might even have a weekday off after my company's holiday party that I can use to take my latest dose of Star Wars medicine, and that sounds like a damn good idea to me.

I've got some pretty major Comic Excitement and Dawn of Legaia updates to share with you guys. Lots of new CX 2017 vendors and guests have been announced over the last few days, so make sure you pick up your Comic Excitement tickets a.s.a.p. Even Flash Gordon is coming!

My debut sci fi novel's cover art was finalized just a few days ago (cover art teaser can be found here), and I'll be posting a photo of it along with my thoughts on Sunday evening.

A couple more weeks of CX and DoL planning, then the holidays, and before ya know it, it'll be time for the fun to really begin. Dawn of Legaia goes on sale 1/11/17, and just a few days later, I'll be selling and signing copies of it as a Featured Guest at L.A.'s newest con, The Comic Excitement Convention, Jan 14 & 15 at the L.A. Convention Center.

Looking forward to sharing my awesome new cover with you guys on Sunday.


Image: HBO

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