"Dawn of Legaia" Is Officially Live!

Dawn of Legaia banner showing the book's alternate site and a Legaia Lotus Flower.

Interesting how you can work on a project on and off for nearly six years, and yet, as one chapter of your life is coming to a close, another is just beginning. The Scorpio in me has a one-track-mind. I'm surprised I still have a roof over my head!

But tonight is a special night. Satisfying. Empowering. Delightful.

For those I've had to put on the backburner, I wish there were more of me. Several family members of mine have passed away between when I started work on this project and now. I've had to make tough choices regarding how to spend my time. My energy.

Those closest to me (one woman in particular) have had to struggle along with me. Juggling a day job, relationships, along with artistic pursuits, is far from a simple task. But we embark on these journeys hoping they'll one day bear fruit, not only for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters, as well as the gorgeous blue sphere we call home.

Tonight is a special night. And I (mind, body, and God willing) will see this endeavor through to its end. Using all that comes from it to do what I can, to leave this place a little bit better off than it was before I came into it.

I thank you many times over for your support in advance.

My debut science fiction novel, Book One of The Legaia Series, "Dawn of Legaia" is now available in paperback and eBook on amazon.com.



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