Movie Review: Midnight Special

Alton Meyer stares at the sky with his goggles on.

Iiiii, Like It!

I reached out to the Twitterverse a couple days ago, asking for an older or obscure sci-fi movie suggestion. Oddly enough, a day or two later, Midnight Special came on. I decided to check it out, and I'm damn glad that I did.

Midnight Special is an urban/realistic style film, like an Arrival, except where Arrival sucked, Midnight Special Didn't! (lawlz...) Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the alien races and plasma pistols, too, but it's nice to venture to this side of the sci-fi spectrum and be rewarded for it.

The story is about a very special young boy with some incredible supernatural abilities. As he and his family are on the run, members of the cult they're from, as well as the government/military are constantly in hot pursuit. During the film, you follow Alton (the gifted boy) and his father, witness some of his abilities in action, and ultimately, are rewarded with a reveal about his origins/destination.

To me, it felt quite Arrival-esque, but with plenty of action and a pivoting plot-line, rather than two hours of essentially the same scene jammed down your throat. This post is too short for me to be able to properly explain my gripes with Arrival, but what I Can tell you in this post, is that my urge to watch an older or obscure sci-fi film couldn't have been satisfied any better than it was with Midnight Special.

If, like me, you're ever in the mood to put the caped crusaders aside for a moment to explore an awesome, grounded, small-budget science fiction production, you've got yourself a winner with Midnight Special.


Image: Warner Bros.

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