Dawn of Legaia's Kindle Countdown Deal

A young boy reading an eBook under a tree.

Since the Dawn of Legaia eBook is currently available exclusively on Amazon, I get to have some cool promos, and one of those promos, is Amazon's Kindle Countdown Deal. For 7 days, the Dawn of Legaia eBook will be on sale.

I get a shot in the arm, exposure wise (drugs are bad, mmmkay...) and readers get a pretty friggin awesome sci-fi story to read, for pennies on the dollar! One big, happy, science fiction family.

Below, you'll find the exact dates, times, and price-points of the promotion, in case you'd like to take advantage of this limited-time sci-fi-offering.

2/10/17 at 5AM (PST) - $0.99

2/11/17 at 9PM (PST) - $1.99

2/13/17 at 1PM (PST) - $2.99

2/15/17 at 5AM (PST) - $3.99

2/17/17 at 12AM (PST) - $5

Dawn of Legaia is slowly but surely picking up some serious steam in both paperback as well as eBook, so happy reading, and here's to that shot in the arm! Whoo!


Image: Amazon

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