Movie Review: Passengers

Aurora Lane takes a dip in a pool overlooking the cosmos.

If your gut is telling you to see a movie, you should see it. Critics help, and so do the masses, but at the end of the day, nobody knows what you like better than you do, and the only person that can confirm that for you, is you.

I'm so glad I watched Passengers last night, because even though the general consensus was meh's, hmm's, and haw's, I freakin' loved it! It was a sci-fi fiesta! An android bartender, and stasis bays, and infinity pools with views of the cosmos, and J-Law! And a fusion-reactor room that powers a cosmic cruise ship! Muy delicioso!

Is the story narrow? Maybe. Is the ending boring? Probably. (And that's just me talking, others might think quite differently, including you!) But all that is fixed by how creative and visually appealing the film is. Its core concepts are legit, and even though I didn't catch it in theatres (and now I kinda wish I had!) I'm glad I gave it a chance, because I was rewarded with a solid sci-fi film.

People were yappin' about the film being primarily a love story with some sort of thin, farcical, sci-fi overtones...Nope! It's sci-fi! Very sci-fi! So if you like sci-fi like I like sci-fi, I can say relatively confidently that you will dig Passengers.


Image: Columbia Pictures

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