Gearin' Up For Creative Writing

Blue gears turning inside an artist's head.

It's been a couple weeks now since I started outlining my next story, and I'm just a few days away from engaging in a grueling butt-crack-o-dawn schedule to facilitate it all.

All works of art require a game plan. An angle of attack. Where it's going to be made, how, during which hours of the day, and in what sort of time frame. Some art can be created at your leisure. Until its controller is satisfied with it. (Good luck with that!) But for most artists, leusurely creation is a luxury we simply cannot afford. I've set out to complete the first draft of my stand-alone sophmore novel by the end of the summer. Again, for some folks, this might be a piece of cake, and for others, a day dream. Personally, I'm more on the day dream end of the spectrum, as I have a million and one things going on right now. Additionally, I'm getting married in September.

Perhaps this project is overly-ambitious. Optimistically-psychotic. Or, sometimes the best works are created under such pressure-filled circumstances. Either way, the good news is that I don't have a gun to my head, so elongation of my timeline isn't life or death. But I'm relatively confident that with great planning, cautious scheduling, and soul-testing consistency, this goal is actually attainable.

This next novel is going to be a somewhat dystopian, political, science fiction story grounded in the world of computing and artificial intelligence. If that sounds tasty to you, stick around, and I'll keep you posted on its development. In the meanwhile, feel free to swing by Book One of The Legaia Series' home on the web, and see if my debut sci-fi novel, "Dawn of Legaia" tickles your fancy. Robotics, life, love, equality, conflict, determination, passion, survival...

More to come on this new literary project, very soon.


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