Movie Review: Fight For Space

A space documentary that asks Americans, "Where Is Your Space Program?"

Earlier today, I posted to Instagram that I wanted to see five films by the weekend's end. So far, so good! I just finished watching "Fight For Space" on-demand, and have some thoughts I'd like to share with you.

I'm not gonna lie, it was equal parts awesome, and depressing. Why is it awesome? Because it's ninety minutes of some highly-notable scientists, engineers, astronauts, and space exploration advocates pouring their hearts out. You can sense the genuine dissatisfaction in their bones, as they share memories, as well as gripes.

Simultaneously, the documentary-esque film is depressing because it does a great job of summarizing the last six or seven decades of America's space program, its highs, and even more so, its lows. The political stalemates; Budget cut, after budget cut, after budget cut.

But what I enjoyed even more than the space and rocket footage, or the historical recaps, were hearing the dissatisfactory thoughts and opinions of many of the astronauts and mission control managers that actually partook in our nation's space program at its peak. They had some interesting things to say about why they feel our space program is as stagnant as it is.

Although it's probably not necessary, the film also reinforced my appreciation not only for pretty much every guest that makes an appearance, but more importantly, pioneering folks like Elon Musk, that are actually out there in the trenches, picking up our government's slack, and using their prowess, vision, and financial leverage, to help fill in the gaps in our cosmic pursuits.

I've always been a fan of educational programming, but regardless, I'd definitely recommend this movie to mild, medium, and enthusiast-grade fans of space, science, and science fiction. (The guest speakers reference our notable science fiction heroes just often enough to make my little sci-fi author heart happy.)

The scenes are great, the soundtrack is pleasant, and the interviews/commentary are fantastically valuable. Ninety minutes well spent if you ask me...

Up next on the to-do list are a couple more non-mainstream on-demand sci-fi flicks, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and Wonder Woman!


Image: Fight For Space

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