Movie Review: ARQ

ARQ's main character wearing a gas mask.

I was browsing Netflix's science fiction section a few nights ago when I came across ARQ. Checked out the trailer, and decided to give it a whirl.

We all enjoy a good big-budget sci-fi blockbuster, but those only come around once in a blue moon, and I bore relatively easily. Netflix provides a sci-fi lover like me some additional comfort. Especially via original science fiction content. I sincerely hope Netflix continues to invest in the creation of original genre fiction films, because that, my friends, is pretty awesome. Anyhoo, I'd like to spend a couple minutes sipping on pulp-free orange juice and chatting with ya'll about ARQ.

The first thing I noticed about this film was that it was much like a freight train. It took a while to get going, and I had my claws dug into the chain-link, as I debated whether or not to persist. Ultimately, I believe my patience was rewarded, because once it got going (and it didn't take very long, either) I was totally invested and rode this locomotive to glory the whole rest of the way.

Another thing that's interesting to consider is that the entire film more or less takes place in the same setting, kind of like Ex Machina. (which I enjoyed quite a bit, by the way) I would imagine that ARQ didn't cost very much to produce at all, and talk about bang for the buck!

So, for what it's worth, this one gets my seal of approval. Someone in the twitterverse suggested I also check out Spectral as well as Kill Command, and my gut tells me that sooner rather than later, I will be doing just that.


Image: Netflix

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