Cinephile: Confessions of a Sci-Fi Movie Addict

IMAX Laser Projectors fill a room with blue light.

I've been watching two or three science fiction films a day lately. The reason? It's layered, but allow me to explain the recent surge in my sci-fi movie viewing addiction.

1. It's Hot Outside.

I live in Los Angeles. And although I'm used to relatively warm weather, we've already had two or three heat waves this summer, and it's only July 9th. Crankin' the air and watching genre-fiction film, television, and cartoons, is a great way to beat the heat. Besdies, the sci-fi author in me both loves and needs to indulge in spec-fiction material as often as possible. Savor the great, enjoy the good, and diagnose the bad in an effort to learn as much as I can from it.

I recently watched Life, and although I actually enjoyed it (unexpectedly), I'm also kind of hoping these "realism in sci-fi" movies go away. They've always been around, but there's been a flurry of them since the success of "The Martian", and I prefer just a little bit more organic in my content, vs. trend. How good can a concept be, if its existance was somewhat forced into being, due to another concept's success? Other recent viewings include I Am Legend, Spectral, ARQ, Voltron, and Assassin's Creed.

2. I'm Dieting.

I've got this snazzy, navy blue suit that I've gotta fit into in T-77 days (getting married soon!) and I mayyy have purchased it a bit on the small side. (By design, of course.) Being hungry sucks, and boredom only amplifies the downsides of dieting, so capitalizing on Netflix and On-Demand's slew of science fiction goodies is a welcomed distraction. 3. I'm Not Writing Right Now. (See #2)

I don't require much (IMHO) to be able to create. But I'd say my primary requirement is a large meal. Even the slightest hint of hunger derails my creativity, my productivity, and all the other tivities that matter to me. If I can't have hefty meals because they conflict with the above, I can't put my best literary foot forward. So any real or sustained fiction writing efforts have been suspended until after the big day.

And so? Movies! Lots of 'em! My blog itself references my brief movie reviews. (duh) However, my instagram posts cover those films as well as the ones I haven't written film reviews on. Sometimes, we chat about movies in the comments. And thus, I can confidently suggest that if you love sci-fi & fantasy in any medium, but particularly film & television, consider bookmarking, as well as, and join in!


Image: IMAX

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