Movie Review: Kill Command

Close-up of Kill Command's main robot.

Watched Kill Command on Netflix yesterday shortly after getting home from work. Didn't even bother with the trailer. Got myself a movietime snack and drink, and let'er rip.

Kill Command is an science fiction actionfilm. If you're looking for depth in story telling, turn around, head the other way. This film's a sci-fi military shoot 'em up where a team of unknowing marines face a squad of A.I. powered non-humanoid robots, to the death, in some cases.

For as dry as the characters are, they're also pretty charming and likeable. The robots are downright scary at times, and there's definitely a handful of drama and suspense as the marine detachment, with the help of the engineer that's accompanying them, try their best to figure out a way to defeat the rogue and intelligent bots.

I like Kill Command, and I think a lot of other viewers will appreciate it as well. The only kicker is having the right expectations. Kind of like what Guardians of the Galaxy does for comedic science fiction movies. Action, suspense, weaponry, all grounded though. Near-future stuff, not far-future or hard science fiction. If you're on Netflix and are looking for a little less pew-pew and a little more story, I recommend Assassin's Creed or Spectral. But if action-heavy sci-fi is what you're in the mood for, this is a fine flick. -A.C.H.

Image: Vertigo Films

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