Show Review: Game of Thrones, "Stormborn"

The Mother of Dragons looking calm and collected.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Game of Thrones S.7: E2 was one of the most well-rounded episodes I've seen in a while. It had a lot of the suture and plot build-up that episode one, "Dragonstone" contained, but then threw all sorts of other goodies into the mix as well.

A gross scene, (Sam helping Jorah with his skin disease by literally chiseling off his puss-filled flesh, transitioning into a scene of a soldier eating some sort of chicken pot pie) a sexy scene, (let's face it, we were all wondering how sex with Grey Worm was gonna go down...but the only thing that went down, was Grey Worm) and a battle scene, as Theon and Yara's fleet came under attack by their Uncle Euron and his fleet. And it didn't end there. Arya learns Jon is King in the North and abruptly beelines away, seemingly on a journey to reunite with him. She even runs into her dire wolf while camping. Arya and fans alike were excited about the prospects of Nymeria (her dire wolf) reconnecting with her and joining her on the remainder of her journey, but time changes us as well as the paths we take, and although Nymeria and her new wolfpack spared Arya, they had their own journey to tend to. I could type on for hours about the events that transpired in last night's episode of Game of Thrones, but what I remember most vividly was how engaged and content I was about 75% of the way through the episode, and once the good Greyjoys came under siege, that battle scene made for the icing on my GoT cake.

More climactic episodes are to come, I'm sure, but Stormborn certainly paves the way for them with balance and intrigue.


Image: HBO

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