Show Review: Game of Thrones, "The Queen's Justice"

Unsullied moving in silence before invading Casterly Rock.

Game of Thrones was truly badass last night. At several moments during "The Queen's Justice" as well as immediately afterward, I thought to myself, "Holy Shit. That Was Proper." Concurrently, I wasn't surprised, because at this stage of the game, it kinda sorta has to be. A finale is near. We've been following the journies of these characters for years, and we're standing on the precipice of the entire series.

All other factors weighed and considered, there's just something extra special about a book, show, or film, with a sense of grandeur and epic-ness. These scenes are expensive to produce, and we don't get to see them as often as we'd probably like to, but perhaps that makes them that much better when they do come around.

Season 7 Episode 3 was edge-of-your-seat fun and full of action, drama, and suspense. The season's first episode laid a lot of ground work, while the second one continued setting the scene while simultaneously giving us some meat. Episode three put the pedal to the metal and said, "How do you like These apples?"

Earlier today while reading some notes about seasons 7 and 8, I got the tiniest bit bummed out when recalling the remaining episode count. However, the fact that this season's finale will be roughly 80 minutes long, anddd, that next season's episodes are rumored to be around that length as well, is very exciting. We're essentially going to be getting half a dozen Game of Thrones films next year. Pure awesome.

I was somewhat gushing over "Stormborn" as it was, and "The Queen's Justice" simply took it to the next level with exponentially more kick-ass. So I, as well as many others, will go about our work weeks, doing that which we do, but the next several Sunday nights are going to be quite tasty.


Image: HBO

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