Movie Review: Alien: Covenant

Drooling alien artwork from the Alien: Covenant movie.

Alien: Covenant is a wonderfully balanced blend of science fiction and horror, with intelligent dialogue and plenty of medicinal CG for the sci-fi soul. (Alien drool not included.)

Watched Alien: Covenant last night and was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I've never been a huge fan of the franchise in general, although I did see Prometheus in theatres and remember liking it, albeit, not as much as I liked Alien: Covenant. Additionally, I do not like horror, at all. Not my cup of tea, nowhere close to my alley. That's why I'm shocked by how friggin legit I thought this movie was.

It's unfortunate, that it didn't get the box office numbers it deserved, and the film is far from perfect, but ultimately, I can confidently say that this film is underrated. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to not only portray an android robot realistically, but to have to portray two different versions of aforementioned robot, one slightly more emotional/human than the other? Hats off to Michael Fassbender!

The majority of the components needed to make this film function are present and online. I can see how bigger fans of the franchise might be more displeased with the final product, and I can also see a lot of the reasons why the film didn't catch on with mainstream audiences. But for someone like me that just loves smart science fiction, and isn't a huge fan of the franchise or horror for that matter, this film is fantastic.

You see, the hardcore horror fan probably won't like it. The hardcore Alien fan probably won't like it, and since the film seems to require above-room-temperature I.Q. to be appreciated, the average movie goer probably didn't like it, and that is precisely why its box office showing was dismal.

A heavier push toward the horror aspect might have boosted its box offices proceeds, but just as a matter of personal preference, it would have pushed viewers like me away. I really do think the film strikes a great balance of science fiction cake with horror icing, which is perfect for the likes of me. So in conclusion, the film is a little too niche or needy to put up big box office numbers, but you know what, 20th Century Fox's loss is my gain, and if you like the content on my social channels or what I've laid out above, it'll probably be your gain, too.


Image: 20th Century Fox

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