Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, looking fierce with her whip.

Wonder Woman's costumes and landscapes are beautifully wasted on a dry, boring main character. There's nothing wonderful about Wonder Woman, and supporting cast members can't outshine the main character so heavily!

Watched Wonder Woman a few evenings ago. Originally, I was bummed that I didn't get around to catching it in theatres, but after seeing it, I regret the rental fee...

The lush hills and fantastic waterfalls that surrounded the Amazonian soldiers were gorgeous, as were the Amazons themselves. Their outfits were impressive, and the fight scenes were spot on. The choreography, as well as the visuals/slow-mo fight sequences, etc.

But that's about where the film's pros end. Diana's character is dry and boring, and I have no shame in admitting I'm unfamiliar with her portrayal in the comics. Gal Gadot certainly looks the part, and her training leading up to the film is evident, but her lines were sometimes painful to hear, as she sounded like a special needs child in elementary school while Chris Pine is her caretaker.

I couldn't even stomach it long enough to watch the last third of the movie, and I feel like 15-20 minutes could have easily been shaved off this film's run-time.

I really don't know what all the fuss was about when Wonder Woman was in theatres, because from a sheer quality-of-film standpoint, the movie falls flat.

I think the concept behind the film carried its weight, as the movie breaks some new ground and spearheads the way for other female superhero films or even just genre-fiction with female leads, and I'm glad that the film was able to promote this objective, but I've enjoyed other characters and films with females at their core like Aeon Flux, Black Widow, and Ghost in the Shell, a hell of a lot more than I enjoyed this sub-par flick.

I certainly do hope Patty Jenkins can take everything that was good about Wonder Woman, refine the harshness and dryness, and deliver a more respectable sequel.


Image: Warner Bros.

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