Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

K admiring a huge hologram of Joi in Blade Runner 2049.

Sci-fi fans such as myself have a lot to say about Blade Runner 2049, as some of us have been waiting for this film for many months. Survey Says? It's a winner!

Ask around, the general consensus is the same; varying degrees of awesome. Hachem's take? 8.5/10. Some will say slightly higher, some will say slightly lower, but it seems as though the majority of movie-goers are a fan of this movie. And therefore, a thank you is in order. Thank You to the entire cast and production team behind Blade Runner 2049 for not royally fucking up one of our beloved sci-fi classics.

The film's tone oozes Blade Runner, and even if you weren't a fan of some of the actual storyline, the scent of the original has definitely been preserved. Gosling delivers a great performance, the ladies of Blade Runner 2049 are fantastic (humans, androids, or holograms alike) and Harrison Ford's face is always welcome to us science fiction fans.

Some have argued the soundtrack is less music and more noise, and their statements aren't incorrect, but these noises are oh-so Blade Runner, in the same way Star Wars wouldn't be the same without its iconic John Williams music, and Tron: Legacy wouldn't be the same movie without its superb electronic beats courtesy of Daft Punk.

The film's main vehicle is simply bad ass, and I was lucky enough to get a picture with it! (visit my Insta to see my pic with "The Spinner" @a.c.hachem) As it's currently parked in Universal City Walk, just outside the AMC theatre where I viewed the film. The run time is a bit on the long side, but few movies can be as long as this film is, and as leisurely paced, without causing you pain. And since the original Blade Runner is in my top 15-or-so favorite films, I savored every second.

My personal, subjective desires regarding what I would have changed are practically irrelevant when compared to the far more significant fact that this film did the original justice. That's all a logical sci-fi junkie like me can wish for, and this time around, we were given what we'd wanted all along.

Blade Runner 2049: A worthy sequel to a science fiction classic.


Image: Warner Bros.

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