Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok

The star-studded cast of Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok puts a hefty crack or two in the superhero/comicbook movie glass ceiling.

The latest Thor film is solid. It feels expensive. Great size, scope, scale, grandeur. I looked up the production budget out of sheer curiosity, and was expecting to see something in the $225-$250M range. They certainly did a good job of making this movie seem high in quality. Lots of great costumes, CG, and the roster is pretty star-studded, too.

That said, there's nothing groundbreaking about a Marvel film at this point. It's really difficult to execute one and make it feel new, special, different. Guardians did a pretty good job with this. The Avengers movies seem to have it a bit easier, with all those awesome Marvel superstars coming together in a single film to form exquisite superhero gumbo.

Justice League will undoubtedly be shooting to accomplish this same feat. But a lot of these MCU films are kinda starting to feel deja vu-ish to me.

Civil War was actually one of the more legit, non-Avengers flicks. The Iron Man films come to mind as well. But given the limitations present with Marvel, DC, or superhero flicks in general, given how jaded most of us are by them at this point, I feel like Thor: Ragnarok accomplishes all that it possibly can.

A couple of new faces, and plenty of familiar ones bring an air of nostalgia into the mix. Some of the humor is lowbrow. Some of it, on the other hand, isn't. And the fight/battle scenes were pretty legit.

Ultimately, this doesn't feel like the type of movie you run out there just dying to see. However. If you've got some downtime, happen to be in the mood for a trip to the ol' cinema, or are simply a diehard Marvel lover, Thor's a solid choice.

I've said it before—it's hard to go wrong with a Marvel movie. Disney movies in general just seem to be varying degrees of good, but they're seldom bad.

So Go, Fandom, Go! You will leave the theatre content, I promise.


Image: Marvel Studios

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