PPTQ Dominaria

Fantasy warriors raising the Mardu clan's banners.

We're Magic the Gathering whale hunting here at the Hachem household, as one of my local gaming stores is hosting a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier this Saturday, and my Mardu Midrange deck will be there, ready to attack!

A couple weeks ago, I took first place at a local Standard Showdown. After making only one tweak, (1 Master Trinketeer out, 1 Aethersphere Harvester in) I feel like my home brew is ready for the spotlight. It combines aggro, tokens, and artifact synergy, to form a deck that can go fast, go wide, and go fast some more, courtesy of synergy-based pumps and anthem effects.

I haven't had a deck perform this well since I built Mardu Warriors back in the Khans block days. I don't misplay nearly as often as I used to back then, so my wizardry has definitely come a long way these past few years or so.

Even if I'm not able to advance to a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier, I'm hopin' I at least place well enough to earn myself a few sweet cards or several fresh booster packs.

Furthermore, this current Mardu build has been tested far more than any other deck I've ever built. It's not anything that's seeing widespread play, but perhaps if I play my cards right (quite literally) it just might see the light of a few MTG discussion boards.

It's been a busy week, and from the looks of it, this weekend will be just as busy. If you don't hear about this event again, it's probably because I got pwn3d. However, if anything fantastic happens, I'll be sure to update ya'll with the results.

And if you happen to be a Standard Constructed player, feel free to chat it up with me via a Twitter or Instagram comment on one of my Magic the Gathering posts, as I tend to post about Magic pretty often. Cheers!


Image: Mardu Ascendancy | Jason Chan/Wizards of the Coast

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