Movie Review: Justice League

Cyborg, The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman posing as a group.

Justice League was supposed to be WB's version of the Avengers—Superhero cash-cow soup. But instead, it further proved that without a super shakeup at Warner Bros, the DCEU is heading nowhere, quickly.

Expectation is one thing. Hope, is another. Although I expected Justice League to be mediocre at best, I Hoped it would be great. The first truly proper DC Comics-based film since the conclusion of the Dark Knight Trilogy.

After several flops at the box office, we figured Warner Brothers had surely learned their lesson, and would employ every resource possible to ensure the unison of some of their most popular characters would be the cinematic home run they so desperately needed.

NOPE! Justice League sucks. On multiple levels. Not nearly as badly as Batman vs. Superman did, but it's still pretty bad.

I was worried Diana's happy-go-lucky Skip-to-My-Lou Bullshit was going to ruin the film, but Wonder Woman wasn't annoying at all. What Was annoying, was the hair-thin plot, the predictable sequence of boring events, and obnoxiously diabolical antagonist. I can play devil's advocate and forgive a lot. After all, it's a comic book movie, but this film had me bored out of my mind.

The last 15 to 20 minutes weren't horrible, as the main battle sequence is O.K., but nowhere near good enough to make up for the lackluster 100-or-so minutes that came before it.

What's even better, (lol..) is how the film attempts to pack two hours worth of "education" into the last 90 seconds before the credits roll. Rather than actually splashing in some Substance throughout the course of the film, Justice League serves up 118 minutes of Pew-Pew, and attempts to enlighten its audience in the remaining 2.

The dialogue was never deep enough, and the world was never big enough, even with hundreds of Locust Men buzzing around the screen. Instead, it's 6 of the world's greatest superheros taking on one cheese-dick, fire-eyed and horned antagonist, in a film that could have easily been written by a pair of intelligent sixth-graders.

Bundle all this and then some, with the fact that the D.C. Comics Extended Universe was already skating on thin ice, and you've got yourself an outdated zamboni that breaks the surface and plunges into frigid, murky waters.

Justice League and other weak films like it make quality films like Blade Runner 2049 seem that much better. I'm seriously not going to see another DCEU film unless major changes are made to the manner in which Warner Brothers approaches the production of these films. What a damn shame...


Image: Warner Bros.

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