Movie Review: What Happened To Monday

The seven sisters from Netflix's "What Happened To Monday".

What Happened To Monday ain't a bad dystopian flick. That instantly means it ain't great, but not bad is better than a lot, and the film is worth a go.

I waited several days as my FedEx-girlfriend "attempted" to deliver my new Vizio sound bar. After driving my happy ass to where it was being held and picking it up, I rushed home to set it up and give it a whirl. My better half played the trailer for 'What Happened To Monday" to which I replied, "Let's do it."

I probably had a couple more grievances with the film than she did, being the science fiction addict that I am, but we both agreed the movie has a lot more pros than it does cons. Now, this may sound a bit ridiculous at first, but here's one thing her and I both agreed on intently. There's a "futuristic" van in this film, used by the story's law enforcement agency, that, I shit you not, looks like a '97 Toyota Previa.

Makes you raise a brow and do a double take, and believe me, as an indie sci-fi author, I totally understand costs need to be cut where they can, but you simply can't have a feature film like this with epic audio-visual components, (holographic computers in the palm of your hand, elaborate cryogenic chambers and super futustic artificial wombs that look like space-age baby-growing vats) rockin' a '97 Previa with fendor flares and a matte black paint job. It's comical!

Maybe a little Too Much budget was cut here, 'cause it was noticably bad and distracting. Some people might think something like this is trivial and it won't even register, but an android like me says no no bueno.

Of course, this automotive slip-up isn't my only gripe with the film, but it's probably my biggest one. Ultimately, it's a good film for what it is. It's dystopian and techy, but simultaneously contains a solid premise that can appeal to a wide audience, so whether you eat, drink, and sleep sci-fi like I do, or you're just looking for a new, solid movie to enjoy, this one fits the bill.

Keep the expectations low, and I think you'll be just fine. (...Probably a solid piece of advice for any day of the week...)


Image: Netflix

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