Reflections On My First Year As A Science Fiction Author

Concept art of Legaia in low-Earth-orbit.

2017 is coming to an end, and while I'm sad to see it go, I'm exponentially more excited about everything 2018 will bring.

As a gnarly psytrance mix plays through my sound bar, I ponder what an awesome year 2017 has been. For starters, I published the science fiction novel I had been working on (on-and-off) for roughly five years.

I'll never forget the satisfaction I felt when a postal worker walked into my day job's office and handed me the small, book-shaped cardboard box that held Dawn of Legaia's first proof copy. After months of working on its cover design with hired help, and years of combing through its words, it was real. Just days after its official launch, I attended my first convention as a guest. I'd been going to the Los Angeles Convention Center for a long time. My dad would take me there almost every year for the L.A. Auto Show when I was a kid, but never would I have imagined back then, that someday I'd park my hatchback near one of its loading docks, and haul authorly convention supplies through its doors.

Although 2017's Comic Excitement Convention was an adolescent con with much growing up to do, the experience was fantastic none the less.

Dawn of Legaia's first edition proof copy.

For weeks and months, friends, family, and sci-fi fans messaged me, reviewed my book, and shared with me their genuine enthusiasm and support for what I was attempting to accomplish. Writers reading this post are well aware of what it takes to reach any milestone literary in nature, and those that don't write, can imagine the daunting nature of any artistic endeavor or major life goal.

Amongst many other things, I taught myself graphic design and really polished the aesthetic of my sci-fi pop culture fandom blog,, mastered the AdWords dashboard, and even added Instagram to the social media stable. I watched and cheered as Dawn of Legaia's ebook climbed Amazon's cyberpunk kindle charts, while day dreaming of the early 22nd century. It's absolutely crazy to think, even with everything I've learned and accomplished this year, I've only just scratched the surface.

Writing is in some ways like a locomotive. The further along you get, the further you want to go, and faster. Sometimes I spend way too much time at once, working toward my craft. Part of me can't help it, but the rest of me doesn't want to. I'm doing what I love, and I'm having fun doing it. It heals far more than it hurts, and judging by everything that's transpired this year, 2018 is going to be killer.

My sophomore science fiction novel is coming along at a healthy clip, I'm lining up conventions to attend both as an author as well as a patron, and if all goes well, A.C. Hachem will be making some serious strides in the new year. More writing, more events, more podcasts, more marketing, more sci-fi. The EDM will play loudly, and the coffee will most definitely flow freely. So to every friend that's supported me this year, and to all the new friends I'll make in the next, it's good to have you by my side. Cheers to 2018!


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