Gearin' Up For Rivals of Ixalan

Legion Lieutenant sits atop an armored horse, surrounded by vampire soldiers.

Rivals of Ixalan's official release date is Friday, January 19th, 2018, and I have not one, but Two decks in the works, lookin' to compete.

I usually don't work on more than one standard constructed deck at a time, since building One legit deck is daunting enough, but for #MTGRIX, I've decided to take another stab at my Locust-God-powered Jeskai Control build from a few moons ago, as well as a competitive Vampires build.

In a few weeks or so, good Vampire lists will probably be readily available online, but I like the idea of tinkering with and testing my own design first. We already had a Vamper Monastery Mentor, as well as a Vamper Brutal Hordechief, and I think the addition of a Vampire anthem effect, an agressive one-drop, and a good-sized creature that reloads your hand, are just what the fanged doctor ordered. I'm definitely going to enjoy testing my Vampire list, because Orzhov is and always has been one of my favorite guilds.

As far as the other deck is concerned, I really don't like the fact that 1 of the 3 #MTGHOU Gods is a monster, while the other two are collecting dust, so I'm gonna try my damned best to make a competitive Jeskai Locust God deck. I've already managed to pick up a few W's here and there with its prior version, and I think refining it further will only help to increase that W/L ratio.

Where as the Vampire deck wants to go fast and wide, the Jeskai deck aims to spend the first 5 turns blocking, removing, and sweeping, buying time and gaining life until the Locust God can come online and start generating baby Locusts real quick. It's definitely a fun and exciting deck to play in the late game. Of course, you've gotta get there first.

I'll keep you guys posted if anything awesome happens. (I did take down a Standard Showdown a couple months back using an artifact tokens deck, but I've decided to put that build on the back burner for now while I play around with my latest standard constructed builds.)


Image: Legion Lieutenant | Zezhou Chen/Wizards of the Coast

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