2018's Venom Movie Brings Loads of Slimy Action To The Big Screen, If You're Into That Sort

Venom's face looks slimy as he sticks his tongue out before a cloudy background.

Grab Your Popcorn and Keep The Expectations Low. The Venom Film Keeps Things Simple, But Delivers Just The Right Amount of Entertainment To Keep You From Shaking Your Head Through The Theatre's Exit.

My buddy Tim and I saw Venom on opening day. (And even snagged a couple copies of the Free Venom Comic Book they're giving away to those that see the film on opening weekend.)

We were both aware of the primarily negative feedback that was circling the internet regarding the Venom Movie, and approached the film with low expectations in mind.

I think the film half-way won us over, but it was a rough ride getting there, so let's take a moment to go over some of the winning and losing elements of 2018's Venom Movie.

Venom's first several scenes are loaded with semi-tacky writing and repetitive verbiage. It really made us wonder how scripts like this get approved in the first place. The Venom Movie is no film school production, so any big-budget motion picture with weak writing is going to make the ears of film buffs perk up with concern.

Riz Ahmed's performance is especially disappointing. I consider him to be a pretty respectable actor, having seen him in other, more exquisitely executed roles. I think Carlton Drake's character just wasn't a good match with his.

Conversely, Tom Hardy's portrayal of Eddie Brock was phenomenal. His rendition of quirky news reporter turned infected host was spot on, and his acting does most of the heavy lifting in this Venom Film. He adds a layer of character and depth that simply isn't present anywhere else in the movie.

The second best part of Venom is simply the action scenes. The fights and less impressively, the chases, with the exception of a couple of tacky CG choices, are what make the movie watchable. Especially the one-on-one battle sequences between Venom and Riot.

The slow-motion breakdowns of these slimy, hand-to-hand combat sequences are aesthetically impressive, and it's evident a lot of time, attention, and care was given to this component of 2018's Venom Film.

I'll admit that initially, I thought Riot might be Carnage, but it's revealed in the post-credits scene that Carnage will actually not only be present in the next Venom Movie, but will most likely play a significant role.

Venom and Riot duke it out as the rocket behind them prepares for launch.

All Images: Sony Pictures

I attribute almost all of this film's pros to Tom Hardy and the execution of the fight scenes. The rest of the film, unfortunately, leaves a lot on the table.

Eddie Brock's inner-dialogue with Venom comes off as cheesy at first, but you get used to it as you go deeper into the movie.

The stakes feel low, even though Earth and humanity as we know it is on the line, and the character development, with the exception of Eddie Brock, is pretty light as well.

I prefer for a film's cinematic climaxes to compliment the storyline, and by "prefer" I more so mean require, but in Venom, this is reversed, as the storyline is seemingly supplementing the film's fights, car chases, and automatic gun fire.

A subjective view, surely, as high-octane fist fights and explosions could be right up somebody else's alley.

One thing that I will highlight is that Venom's production/direction team did a good job of ensuring the movie ended big, leaving most of the crowd satisfied. A series of fist-curling fights and a massive space shuttle being blown to fiery bits help the film end things with a memorable bang.

Personally, I'd been waiting many months for Venom's release, and I think the end result was exactly what I had expected it to be, and almost what I had hoped it would be.

In a cinematic sci-fi world of questionable box office choices and Marvel/DC Comics burnout, 2018's Venom Film is a respectable big screen adaptation of Marvel's original symbiote.

So buy a snack or two and enjoy a couple hours of the Venom Movie for what it is—creepy-crawly, comic book, smash down fun.


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